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One of the most beloved attractions in Budapest is St. Stephen’s Basilica in the city center. St. Stephen’s Basilica is also the biggest and most important roman catholic chucrh in Hungary.

Story of St. Stephen’s Basilica Budapest

The Basilica was named after the first Hungarian king St. Stephen who founded Hungary. His incorruptible right hand is kept in the Basilica as a relic.

The construction of the church had been started at 1886 and it was finished and sanctified in 1905. There was a smaller church and a theater earlier in this area, but the wealthier citizens started collecting donations for a bigger church.

St. Stephen’s Basilica was state-owned to 16 August 2001, when the government granted it to the Hungarian Roman Catholic Church with due decorum.

The parts of St. Stephen’s Basilica

Outside part: the Basilica is the second tallest building in Budapest and the third tallest in Hungary. The capacity is almost 8000. There are a lot of sculptures (e.g. the four evangelists) under the cupola, which is between two towers.

Inside part: St. Stephen’s Basilica is different than other basilicas in the arrangement of interior. There are many graphic arts creations for example reliefs and mosaics.

Sculptures: There are a lot sculpture in St. Stephens Basilica inside and outside as well for example: St. Laslo, St. Imre, Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, Jesus Christ and lots of others.

Approaching St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest

St. Stephens Basilica is located in Szent Istvan Square, district 5. It is best to approach from metro station Deák Ferenc Square or Arany János Street.

Pfauer Tours Budapest sightseeing on foot: Opera Budapes and St. Stephen Basilica

We offer a 2.5 hour tour to Opera Budapest and St. Stephen’s Basilica. (Visiting Budapest Opera House is possible only from 3 to 4 p.m. Above 10 persons we can make a private appointment). Upon request we visit an elegant café in the style of the Opera House (see picture).latest Running Sneakers | NIKE RUNNING SALE