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Hungary is well-known about quality wines and great viticulture. Some Hungarian wine are famous around the world, and the wine-tourism is very popular in Hungary. But tourist come not only from abroad, Hungarian people like to visit the best wineries of their country as well.

Story of Hungarian wine

Marcus Aurelius roman emperor established the first vineyards along the Danube. After the tatarian invasion, Bela the 4th, king of Hungary had to make a statute of replanting the vineyards.

In the 19th century Hungary was the country with the second biggest viticulture on the planet right after France.

Viticulture became sort of a mass production during the socialist regime. After the era in the 1990s, due to the increasing investments in most wine regions of the country people started producing high quality wines again.

Best hungarian wines

Tokaji wine

Due to the varying climate of Hungary, different grapes can be found in the countrym thus producing a very broad spectrum of wines: light wines, high alcohol content wines, full-bodied wines. Well-known types and special Hungarian types also can be found.

  • White wines: riesling, juhfark, furmint, hárslevelű, ezerjó, cserszegi, Irsai Oliver, Tokaji Aszú, szürkebarát.
  • Red wines: kadarka, kékfrankos, Egri Bikavér

The most famous wine regions include: Balatoni, Tokaji, Bükki, Pécsi, Egri, Villányi, Szekszárdi, Soproni.Asics shoes | Buy online Sneaker for Men