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Puszta is a flat area where only grass grows. The two main Hungarian Puszta areas are the Hortobágy (200 km away from Budapest) and the Kiskunság (50-100 km from Budapest). Both areas are National parks. We leave Budapest heading south through Kiskunlacháza to reach Apajpuszta. The trip takes about 1 hour (50 kilometers).

Upon arrival we offer Pálinka (traditional Hungarian brandy) and pogácsa (salty pasta). Afterwards, you are invited to climb into a carriage and go out into the Puszta. You will see an old drawing well, sheep and grey cattle. After the carriage ride, the horse show starts with different games. After the program we offer a snack selection of cold peasant dish, so you can try out the Hungarian specialities such as Pick Salami, Gyula sausage, liptauer and of course the spicy green pepper with white or red wine. Duration 4 hours



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