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Gellért-hill-380x285Gellért Hill, according to legend, was once the place of gathering for witches but is named after St. Gerhard, an Italian missionary who spread Christianity in Hungary. By a mob of pagan Magyars he was allegedly thrown down the hill into the Danube in a barrel lined with nails in 1045. On the mountaintop is a citadel which seemingly dates from the Middle Ages, but was built by the Austrians after the crushing of the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848/49, placed on the spot because from here the whole city can be watched over. One of the few Soviet monuments that were allowed to remain standing after 1989 is the most visible, the 14-meter high statue of liberty. The memorial of the liberation from the German occupiers was placed in 1947.Giftofvision – Sneakers search engine | Nike SB and Parra have teamed up for Tokyo 2021 , Fitforhealth