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The settlement is situated on the North West corner of Balaton with the population of 23.000 and deemed to be a capital city of the region firstly because of its hospitality which is intact both in summer and in winter. Keszthely is not only a lavish cultural and educational centre with a pinch of traditions but one of the most crowded towns along the shore. The fame of the town has been founded by the Festetics family and Georgikon, which is the first agricultural school in Hungary. The cosy town picture, museums, monuments, exceptional cultural events and closeness of Hévíz explains why this settlement is the mostly visited one in the Balaton area. The Kis-Balaton and Keszthelyi mountain chain may prove that the geographical characteristics of the town are excellent.

Attractions and sights

•     Thermal lake of Hévíz, Árpád age church, wine cellars in Egregy
•     Keszthely – Festeics Castle
•     Museums in Keszthely: (Doll Museum, Panoptikum, Snail Shells Parliament, Balaton Museum)
•     Little Balaton – Kányavár island – buffalo reservation
•     Zalaszántó – Sztupa – Buddhist sanctum
•     Vonyarcvashegy – Zion of St. Mihály (thankfulness zion of the fisher)
•     Castle of Szigliget
•     Tapolca: lake cave
•     Castle of Sümeg, knight show
•     Kehidakustány and Zalakaros – thermal baths



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