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racka We go to the horse center of the former Teleki domain in Solt, which lies 30 kilometers from Kalocsa. The ancient Hungarian livestock (the racka-sheep, the grey cattle and the Hungarian half-bred horses) tell of the former tone of life. During the carriage ride, the guests look at the banks of the Danube, the nests of sand martins and the herds on the plain. In the craftsman’s area you will have the opportunity to meet old Hungarian professions (blacksmith, carpet weaver, potter) and if you want, you can even try it yourself. In the wine cellar our guests are served with wine and Pogatscha and then they walk to the farm where the typical farmhouse and small animals are found. After the tour of the farm the riding demonstration starts. At the end of the program the guests are allowed to ride and you can try the oven-fresh bread with sour cream and wine. Duration 3 h hoursgulya



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